Rock Banned

4 12 2007

So, between my last post and this one you’d expect something miraculous to have happened. Nope… same old, same old. We haven’t really even went out much recently. Last Thursday was quite fun. To make up for the fact that I hadn’t been out in a while, I got a wee bit drunk. We ended up soaking the kitchen floor and skidding across it. Then sliding down the stairs. Let’s just say it wasn’t the hangover that hurt the following morning…

Aside from that, the one glimmer of light was Rock Band. Rock Band itself is worth hyping up and getting excited over, but when you live in a house with 3 other gamers all of whom love Guitar Hero and such… well, we really wanted it. Unfortunately the UK release date isn’t even announced yet, labelled only as ‘Q1 2008’. My guess is March or April but I wouldn’t be surprised if it got delayed due to hardware issues. Anyway, we all contributed money to import it, assuming it was region free as 90% of the 360 games I’ve bought are. If not, I had a plan to borrow my brothers modded 360 to play it.

So we paid and waited. I must have refreshed at least 10 times a day on the tracking page to watch it get closer to our house. Finally, 10 days later, it arrived. But there was no delivery. One phone call to the delivery depot later, “You have customs charges. You can come and pick the item up and pay them”. Off to the depot we went. Handed over the tracking number, “There is no such item here”. Bugger. Wrong depot. I was at Royal Mail and it was being handled by Parcel Force. After a silly journey based on Royal Mail man’s terrible directions to the other depot, we arrived. Paid the ridiculous customs charges (£38… over $80) and brought the game home.

It was like christmas day. We set it all up and put the game in one of our 4 360’s. “This game is not the correct region. Go to for more information.” Well, that’s a bit shit, I thought. Not to worry though, I have my brothers not so legal console. In goes the disk… “This game is not the correct region. Go to for more information.”

Our faces dropped. An hour or so of research later, we found out that not a single firmware flash or mod chip can bypass region locking. This thought hadn’t even entered our mind… I thought the main reason for modding your console was to play imports. Surely after 2 years, somebody had figured it out. Shit. Fuck. Bollocks. So, Rock Band sits set up in our sitting room. A statue of what could have been. Were we stupid for blindly importing? Probably. But the awesomeness of the game made us do it.

Now we’re left with 3 options. Wait until the UK release and buy the standalone disk (The hardware is region free and working… for now). This would destroy the point of importing, and create another agonising wait. We could re-sell it on eBay. That way we’d have to agonisingly wait, but we’d have our money back in the mean time. And thirdly import an American console.

Me being the silly bugger that I am, I’m looking for an import. The cheapest NTSC console I can find. I don’t need an HDD or Wires or pads. And I won’t be buying this just for Rock Band. I’ll use it as an import console, getting games cheaper and quicker. But I really can’t afford it…

But I shall!

For the gods of rock…



Ágætis byrjun

18 11 2007

Hello one and all. Probably just one. What have I been up to this week? Well, I wish I had a grand adventure to discuss, but I don’t. I haven’t really been out this week. I had a few drinks in the house a few days ago. Well, actually more than a few. But nothing exciting happened. I just played on Halo 3 with my housemates til the early hours. Some American redneck asked me what the bitches were like in England, to which I replied “Probably the same as the bitches over there” and he said “I heard they have multiple men” to which I replied “Not from my experience” and he said “You must just be ugly” to which I replied “I look like your dad”. Thinking about it now in a more sober state of mind, what he said didn’t even make sense. In my experience, women don’t have multiple men, thus anybody I’ve been with has been with me only. Surely not a concept which would make one think I’m ugly. Unless of course you’re an ignorant, American imbecile. Either way, I had the last laugh. I then went on to play the Antiques Roadshow theme down my microphone. A theme which greatly translates to being a soundtrack to a battle.

Went to Dee’s house yesterday. Everybody was drinking, but I was feeling a bit weak/dizzy and I got a headache so I, for once, stuck to water. Nothing to note happened. Watched a bit of ‘Children In Need’. I decided that if Ross Kemp had a brother, his name should be Ted. Ted Kemp. lol. Made a few songs today. Bit bored really. Especially for a Saturday. Oh well. I spontaneously bought Rock Band on eBay yesterday but I’m regretting it now because I don’t have £150 to waste, but I really don’t want to wait til the UK release date (Probably around Feb/March. Maybe later) but I rang Gav today and he said he might pay for half of it, which is fair as the whole house would be playing it a lot. Who takes it home is a different matter, but I might just fully buy it off him when the time comes. Either way, it’s going to be put to use in the student house for the next 2 years.

And that is that. The name of this blog post by the by is a Sigur Ros album I’m listening to. I want their new DVD. And the limited edition ‘The Beatles – Help’ DVD boxset. It’s rather good. It features a deleted scene with Wendy Richard (Pauline Fowler) who, according to IMDb, has a rather extensive ornamental frog collection.


13 11 2007

Well, I’ll class this as my first proper new blog post since re-beginning my blog. I haven’t done much. I went home on the weekend, but my family went away to my aunties in Yorkshire for my cousins birthday so I had the house to myself. I wasn’t planning on going out on Saturday, but Dee convinced me. My new student bank account is finally open, so I have some money to tie me over til the stupid Student Loan Company sorts my maintenance grant out. Also meant I could pay Gav back the money he has so kindly borrowed me to survive til said grant/bank account gets sorted.

Anyway, I drank half a bottle of cheap scotch whisky at Dee’s, and then her mam re-filled half of it with some Bell’s Whisky she had. Usually a good thing, however almost a bottle of whisky before going out to a club is never a good idea. Anyway, it was an ok night out, but nothing special. Krash just doesn’t do much for me anymore. It’s predictable both in it’s music and company but I still hardly recognised anybody there, so I assume most of the old crowd have moved on. Maybe it was just a bad week. It also feels weird, as Dee pointed out, going out with just 3 people (Dee, Lauren and James in this case) having gotten used to going out with a large crowd of peeps from the student houses. And it’s still ridiculously expensive (£3 a pint fuckingsadface.gif). I want to go to Skates, as that is always brilliant (and cheap) but it’s on an awkward day (Tuesday).

Aside from that, I have done little else. I came back to Uni. Went to the cinema with everybody today to see 30 Days of Night. It was ok. Pretty much as I expected. I didn’t expect a masterpiece, and I didn’t get one. I’d have liked it to be a little scarier though. Not that I get scared by many movies anyway, but still… when you’re laughing, it says a lot. Near Dark is my favourite Vampire movie.

I bought Call of Duty 4 today too. Haven’t played much of it yet. Played a few rounds of Team Deathmatch and it was really fun, but I knew what to expect having played the multiplayer beta. Still, something else to play online aside from Halo 3. Wanting Mass Effect and Assassins Creed this month too.

And that, for the moment, is that.

Blog 2.0

8 11 2007

OK, so I’m going to kick start my blog back into action. I now officially class my last attempt at starting a proper blog as a failure. I didn’t post consistently, and thus it’s use was pretty much non-existent i.e it was useless. As you can see, my last ‘Catch Up’ post detailed my moving into my Uni house last year. Well, I’m in a new house now with new housemates (Still with Gav, plus new guys Shiv and Tim). So this is a fresh start. I’m not promising anything, but I’m going to try my best to post as often as a can. Hopefully at least once a week. Preferably more. I might throw in some views on new movies/albums/artists/games from time to time to. Since this is my first post in such a while, I’ll leave it at that and make my next blog post an actual blog post when I actually have something to blog about.

à revoir

Catch Up

13 02 2007

So today I have finally decided to write about what I have been up to in the last few month. It wasn’t quite as soon as I earlier predicted, but nevertheless I have got round to it. Now that I have… I really don’t know where to start. I guess it had better be with Uni, as to be honest I can’t really remember anything happening before that up until my last blog entry before Uni. That is the very reason I want to be consistent with my blog so I don’t forgot such marvellous memories… (I assume… I can’t remember). Anyway, I started Uni in September. Moved into my new house. I have 3 housemates (In alphabetical order) Adam, Damon and Gav. To be quite honest, the first 2 weeks were just constant drinking.

In the first week we collected 4 or 5 traffic cones and 2 safety fence things. We also received two or three letters of complaint about noise in the first fortnight and the police walked into our house during a party, though that was mostly because somebody stupidly left the front door open and not because we weren’t law abiding (Which we certainly are). Strangely enough, the police didn’t say anything about the bright orange fence on our mantle piece. Don’t think we’re inconsiderate, typical, cliché student types. I think we deserve to have a welcome party in the first week. It just so happened we have snobbish neighbours who complained because we made a bit of noise on one night. They didn’t even attempt to tell us to turn it down, else we would have.

Anyway, my room is downstairs at the front of the house. I like it. I think it is the best sized room of the house. Not too big, and not too small. The only downside is that because I’m at the front of the house I have to constantly have my curtains closed so people don’t look into my room and decide they want to steal everything.

Since then, nothing much has changed. We’re still rather bizarre and we’re still not Danish. We have a book called ‘The Thoughts and Writings of 107’ (Our house number) which is kind of a diary of the house. Every time somebody says/does something random/stupid/funny it goes into the book. I’m glad it was started, because I can guarantee we would not have remembered 90% of the stuff in it. Most of the book is filled with stupid, but brilliant, drunken games we play such as ‘Replace part of the hip-hop artist with ‘Jew” which results in classics such as ‘Jew-Pac’, ‘Jew-Z’, ‘Jew Unit’ and my personal favourite ‘The Jew Tang Clan’.

And I guess that is all there is to say for now. I do not have time, nor can I remember and fill in everything that has happened so I shall leave what we can remember in our book and continue forward via this blog. I will mention that my housemate Adam kicked his fireplace resulting in years of soot falling out all over his bedroom, including the carcass of a small dead bird child.


Smell My Cheese You Knobber

8 02 2007

Right, so here I am. A bit drunk. Fuck all to do. What have I got to say? Not much really. I’m not going to explain the last few months because to be Frank, and I am Frank, I can’t be arsed. I’ve just paid for my Alan Partridge “Smell My Cheese You Knobber” T-Shirt. Jurassic Park! I’ve just been to Gav’s bedroom. He said he was going to bed 10 minutes ago. He lied. He was playing with Winamp. We ordered two 1/2 lb Cheese Burgers earlier, with Onion Rings. I’ve been burping up onion rings for the last hour. I feel that my life has turned into one big onion ring burpathon.

No I don’t.

But it is quite frustrating. I want some new flavours. Fruits of the forest maybe…

I’ve just heard Gav lock his door. That means business. He really IS going to sleep now. I shall drink alone 😦

Gav is my housemate by the by. More about all of that in my next blog outing. At the moment I am waiting for the new Lost episode to freakin’ show up on MiniNova. Frickin’ 12 weeks I’ve been waiting for this. I am genuinely rather excited… for a TV show anyway. I shouldn’t be so sure about Gav… I have just been to fetch a drink and Gav’s bedroom light is on. He never sleeps with his light on and he only shuts his door when he is sleeping or on the phone. Hmm. I shall investigate…

Well that was rather worthless. I have really hurt my leg running up the stairs thinking there was an extra step. I hate it when that happens. His door was locked. He never locks his door. He did claim he was going to, after I ran in the other night with a glow in the dark Frisbee when he was in bed. Anyway, I confronted Gav and he said “I am just getting ready for bed”. His music was off, so I assume he is. Anyway, I think that is enough blabber for now… tomorrow the blog revolution shall start. Well… not really, but I might write more. It’s actually quite fun. Gav’s light is still on. I shall go have a shot of Tequila and blue stuff (forgot what it’s called).

Edit: The blue stuff is called ‘Blue…’ … I forgot. One second.

Edit 2: Blue nothing… it’s called ‘Sidekick’. Y’see… I could have edited all of that out, and make it seem like I got the name right off. But I didn’t, and this is my blog and I shall be honest. While I went in to re-check the name I had another shot.

The roof of my mouth has went numb.


14 11 2006

Well, I guess I didn’t live up to my promise of blogging all of the time. It isn’t because I have got bored of the blog, I’ve just been quite busy. After my last entry, I went to Leeds festival. I planned on writing about that but I had to get sorted for Uni. I told myself that once I’d moved into my Uni house and everything was set, I’d make an entry detailing everything but I guess I just forgot. And there is a distinct lack of time now too.

Now that everybody is settled in, and we’re not drinking every night, I’ve time to sit in front of the computer for some geek-all-nighters. This is where this entry came from, and where tomorrows will too. I’ve only just remembered about my blog now, and it is 4:14am so I haven’t the time to make a full report now, so I shall tomorrow. Promise.