The Fart Effect.

27 02 2010

I just farted. And then directly after that for some reason I thought about the split second that the Big Bang happened and the Universe began unravelling and existing in all directions at impossible speeds. Over the next 13.5 billion years countless galaxies and stars formed and died. Planets were created and destroyed. Earth formed, water became and landmasses broke apart and connected in an endless dance of creation. Life formed and evolved; humans arrived, towns were formed, people were killed, cities grew and gloves were invented. Then I, Glen Matthew Huscroft of England, Earth, at that one specific moment, farted. That is one fucking big Rube Goldberg Machine, and my fart was just a simple cog in the great contraption. But, for a brief second, creation itself had lead to that very moment.




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28 02 2010

BhavanaJagat welcomes Farting Sounds from all Directions :
My motto is to welcome Noble Thoughts from all Directions and hence I keep the window to my mind open. As the window is left open, I cannot help if I have to listen to some farting sounds. However, people who fart also must keep the window open. Otherwise, the gas they release is noxious and the methane may wipe out their very existence. Lot of people have perished. The Bovines are blessed with more Farting Power. The gas they fart is implicated in the atmospheric change. Bovines Fart and can drive man to extinction. Keep that window open and you really need that fresh air.

24 02 2011

haha I love the graphic, made my day šŸ™‚

8 04 2016

Thanks for the mention, Mark. Iā€™m glad you see our potential, and I sure hope we live up to it! Click

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