13 11 2007

Well, I’ll class this as my first proper new blog post since re-beginning my blog. I haven’t done much. I went home on the weekend, but my family went away to my aunties in Yorkshire for my cousins birthday so I had the house to myself. I wasn’t planning on going out on Saturday, but Dee convinced me. My new student bank account is finally open, so I have some money to tie me over til the stupid Student Loan Company sorts my maintenance grant out. Also meant I could pay Gav back the money he has so kindly borrowed me to survive til said grant/bank account gets sorted.

Anyway, I drank half a bottle of cheap scotch whisky at Dee’s, and then her mam re-filled half of it with some Bell’s Whisky she had. Usually a good thing, however almost a bottle of whisky before going out to a club is never a good idea. Anyway, it was an ok night out, but nothing special. Krash just doesn’t do much for me anymore. It’s predictable both in it’s music and company but I still hardly recognised anybody there, so I assume most of the old crowd have moved on. Maybe it was just a bad week. It also feels weird, as Dee pointed out, going out with just 3 people (Dee, Lauren and James in this case) having gotten used to going out with a large crowd of peeps from the student houses. And it’s still ridiculously expensive (£3 a pint fuckingsadface.gif). I want to go to Skates, as that is always brilliant (and cheap) but it’s on an awkward day (Tuesday).

Aside from that, I have done little else. I came back to Uni. Went to the cinema with everybody today to see 30 Days of Night. It was ok. Pretty much as I expected. I didn’t expect a masterpiece, and I didn’t get one. I’d have liked it to be a little scarier though. Not that I get scared by many movies anyway, but still… when you’re laughing, it says a lot. Near Dark is my favourite Vampire movie.

I bought Call of Duty 4 today too. Haven’t played much of it yet. Played a few rounds of Team Deathmatch and it was really fun, but I knew what to expect having played the multiplayer beta. Still, something else to play online aside from Halo 3. Wanting Mass Effect and Assassins Creed this month too.

And that, for the moment, is that.




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