Catch Up

13 02 2007

So today I have finally decided to write about what I have been up to in the last few month. It wasn’t quite as soon as I earlier predicted, but nevertheless I have got round to it. Now that I have… I really don’t know where to start. I guess it had better be with Uni, as to be honest I can’t really remember anything happening before that up until my last blog entry before Uni. That is the very reason I want to be consistent with my blog so I don’t forgot such marvellous memories… (I assume… I can’t remember). Anyway, I started Uni in September. Moved into my new house. I have 3 housemates (In alphabetical order) Adam, Damon and Gav. To be quite honest, the first 2 weeks were just constant drinking.

In the first week we collected 4 or 5 traffic cones and 2 safety fence things. We also received two or three letters of complaint about noise in the first fortnight and the police walked into our house during a party, though that was mostly because somebody stupidly left the front door open and not because we weren’t law abiding (Which we certainly are). Strangely enough, the police didn’t say anything about the bright orange fence on our mantle piece. Don’t think we’re inconsiderate, typical, cliché student types. I think we deserve to have a welcome party in the first week. It just so happened we have snobbish neighbours who complained because we made a bit of noise on one night. They didn’t even attempt to tell us to turn it down, else we would have.

Anyway, my room is downstairs at the front of the house. I like it. I think it is the best sized room of the house. Not too big, and not too small. The only downside is that because I’m at the front of the house I have to constantly have my curtains closed so people don’t look into my room and decide they want to steal everything.

Since then, nothing much has changed. We’re still rather bizarre and we’re still not Danish. We have a book called ‘The Thoughts and Writings of 107’ (Our house number) which is kind of a diary of the house. Every time somebody says/does something random/stupid/funny it goes into the book. I’m glad it was started, because I can guarantee we would not have remembered 90% of the stuff in it. Most of the book is filled with stupid, but brilliant, drunken games we play such as ‘Replace part of the hip-hop artist with ‘Jew” which results in classics such as ‘Jew-Pac’, ‘Jew-Z’, ‘Jew Unit’ and my personal favourite ‘The Jew Tang Clan’.

And I guess that is all there is to say for now. I do not have time, nor can I remember and fill in everything that has happened so I shall leave what we can remember in our book and continue forward via this blog. I will mention that my housemate Adam kicked his fireplace resulting in years of soot falling out all over his bedroom, including the carcass of a small dead bird child.





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