Smell My Cheese You Knobber

8 02 2007

Right, so here I am. A bit drunk. Fuck all to do. What have I got to say? Not much really. I’m not going to explain the last few months because to be Frank, and I am Frank, I can’t be arsed. I’ve just paid for my Alan Partridge “Smell My Cheese You Knobber” T-Shirt. Jurassic Park! I’ve just been to Gav’s bedroom. He said he was going to bed 10 minutes ago. He lied. He was playing with Winamp. We ordered two 1/2 lb Cheese Burgers earlier, with Onion Rings. I’ve been burping up onion rings for the last hour. I feel that my life has turned into one big onion ring burpathon.

No I don’t.

But it is quite frustrating. I want some new flavours. Fruits of the forest maybe…

I’ve just heard Gav lock his door. That means business. He really IS going to sleep now. I shall drink alone 😦

Gav is my housemate by the by. More about all of that in my next blog outing. At the moment I am waiting for the new Lost episode to freakin’ show up on MiniNova. Frickin’ 12 weeks I’ve been waiting for this. I am genuinely rather excited… for a TV show anyway. I shouldn’t be so sure about Gav… I have just been to fetch a drink and Gav’s bedroom light is on. He never sleeps with his light on and he only shuts his door when he is sleeping or on the phone. Hmm. I shall investigate…

Well that was rather worthless. I have really hurt my leg running up the stairs thinking there was an extra step. I hate it when that happens. His door was locked. He never locks his door. He did claim he was going to, after I ran in the other night with a glow in the dark Frisbee when he was in bed. Anyway, I confronted Gav and he said “I am just getting ready for bed”. His music was off, so I assume he is. Anyway, I think that is enough blabber for now… tomorrow the blog revolution shall start. Well… not really, but I might write more. It’s actually quite fun. Gav’s light is still on. I shall go have a shot of Tequila and blue stuff (forgot what it’s called).

Edit: The blue stuff is called ‘Blue…’ … I forgot. One second.

Edit 2: Blue nothing… it’s called ‘Sidekick’. Y’see… I could have edited all of that out, and make it seem like I got the name right off. But I didn’t, and this is my blog and I shall be honest. While I went in to re-check the name I had another shot.

The roof of my mouth has went numb.




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