14 11 2006

Well, I guess I didn’t live up to my promise of blogging all of the time. It isn’t because I have got bored of the blog, I’ve just been quite busy. After my last entry, I went to Leeds festival. I planned on writing about that but I had to get sorted for Uni. I told myself that once I’d moved into my Uni house and everything was set, I’d make an entry detailing everything but I guess I just forgot. And there is a distinct lack of time now too.

Now that everybody is settled in, and we’re not drinking every night, I’ve time to sit in front of the computer for some geek-all-nighters. This is where this entry came from, and where tomorrows will too. I’ve only just remembered about my blog now, and it is 4:14am so I haven’t the time to make a full report now, so I shall tomorrow. Promise.




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7 04 2009
Leeds Festival guy

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