The Weekend, The Weather.

1 08 2006

So I guess this is my first official blog post. The weekend was pretty uneventful other than Krash (Locl rock club) on Saturday night. On Friday we typically came to my house. We decided earlier on that we were going to go to a Maize Maze. We didn’t know where it was, or if it even existed… we’d just heard about it via Dee’s mother I believe, and an article in a newspaper. Anyway, after some searching we found that it was situated at Broom House, Durham but it wasn’t going to be created for 2006. Instead they have created a 10 acre forest adventure trail but it didn’t open until Saturday so we decided to go next (this) week. More on that later if it occurs.

Instead we went to Newcastle. I didn’t buy anything, other than food, as I don’t have much money. I got a Subway ‘2 meals for £5.99’ deal. I got a 6″ Tuna with lettuce, cucumber and ranch dressing and a 6″ steak with lettuce, cucumber and a dressing that I can’t remember. I gave the second drink and cookie to James. I am on a sort of diet… not anything specific, I’m just eating healthy things more often than not. It’s going good so far. I’ve been eating healthily for about a month and so far the only bad thing I’ve had is one Chinese, an Indian and a BBQ and even then I chose the healthiest things I could find (Apart from the BBQ…). I thought I’d find it harder, but I’m actually having no trouble just eating healthy stuff. I only want to lose about 2 stone then I’ll start eating what I want again but I’ll keep it a bit more under control. I’ve already lost 3¼’s of a stone

On Saturday we spent about 4 hours deciding what to do. Either go to Krash, which we couldn’t really afford, or go to Dee’s house and sit in her garden which I was fine with, but I think everybody wanted to go out. In the end we decided that we’d go to Krash if the weather turned bad. It started raining and thus our mind was made up. I’ll be honest… I wasn’t looking forward to Krash because I couldn’t get drunk (Medication – I’m allowed 10 units of alcohol). I’ve never been out and stayed sober before, and doing so didn’t really appeal to me. I don’t like drunk people when I’m sober. Dee picked me and Alan up to go to Morrison’s to get some alcohol to drink before going out. I got two 2-litre bottles of woodpecker for £4 coming to a total of 14 units. That was already 4 units over what I was allowed with my medication so I couldn’t even drink all 4 litres. We went back to Dee’s and I was sitting arguing with myself in my head… “I suppose its only one night a week…” “No, you can’t drink. You’ll bugger up your liver. It’s not worth taking the chance”. In the end we looked through Sharon’s (Dee’s mam) 2 nursing books. The first one said “Avoid Alcohol”. The second one didn’t mention anything, although to be honest it didn’t say ‘Avoid _____’ at all anywhere in the book for any drug.

I got drunk.

I had my 10 units in Dee’s house. I drank one of the 2 litre bottles, totalling 7 units. One can of Woodpecker, another 2 units and 1 shot of some white chocolate vodka stuff, which was 1 unit. At Krash I had 3 bottles of Magners, which didn’t state the amount of units but I’m going to guess about 3.5 each. It was quite fun at Dee’s. Not much happened really. We sat in her sitting room for a bit while her little cousin Christopher and her not so little neighbour Kieran played on Worms 3D. I put a bottle cap on her uncle’s dog, Ebony (lolz). I tried to take a picture but it ran away and it fell off. It looked like it was wearing a fez. Dee ate a daddy long legs. It was originally going to be me, but I decided against it. Dee decided to do it after she was promised £10 to do so. She did, and she got. After this, we moved out into Dee’s front garden. Everybody lay on the grass apart from me and James who danced like pricks to Dirty Pretty Things. We danced around the people lying on the grass in a circle and they didn’t seem to notice so I poked Dee with a stick. Then we spotted a hedgehog. I think Hebburn Village is turning into some sort of nature reserve, as I spotted a Fox there last week. The fox ran off when I stealthily snuck up on it, but the hedgehog froze for a picture. Or out of fear. One of the two. I personally think it was posing.


As you can see, it disappointingly looks absolutely nothing like Sonic. I was tempted to test how sharp it was, before Dee’s aunty informed me that it would be covered in fleas. Nothing new… it is Hebburn after all. Nothing much more worth noting occurred at Dee’s house. James felt sick and decided to not come to Krash. We left for Krash. James stayed, waiting for his mother to pick him up. I think he just wanted to play on Worms 3D with Kieran really.

Krash was quite good. Nothing particularly memorable happened. It was really full. I’ve never seen it that full in ages other than the last night before it re-opened and New Year. I danced like a right gimp to Master of Puppets with Ray. That is about as much as I can remember. I always try to take pictures at Krash, and they always end up stupidly out of focus. Half because I’m drunk, and half because I think its fine to take a picture while dancing. The end result is always a feast for the eyes.

Krash Crash

I think Dee got some quite good pictures, which I’ll upload once I’ve stole them off her. One of them I believe had Hobbsie with a bollock out. Unsurprisingly. After Krash we walked in search of food. I got a song from the 80’s stuck in everybody’s head despite the fact that nobody knew all of the lyrics. You know the one… “We close our eyes… de de de de de de… Imagination de de de de de de de” hmm… I can’t really do the tune in text form. Either way, it’s ‘Go West – We Close Our Eyes’ so download it because it is the most astonishing, pragmatic, benevolent and omnipotent song you’ll ever hear. Maybe. We found a Subway but it smelled like burning plastic, then the power cut off and it went dark. We left and found another one but they closed the door just as we got there so we went to the chip shop which sells dildos and ‘herbal’ drugs. Then taxi and home.

Sunday was pretty uneventful. I sat and talked to my uncle, who was down from Scotland for a wedding, and my dad in the back yard for a few hours. Watched TV and started my blog on before realising that wordpress is 10 times better and I moved it here on Monday. Today has also been pretty uneventful. It’s only 3:30pm but all I’ve done so far is watched Mythbusters (Woo, a one I hadn’t seen before) and wrote this. The weather has been weird though. We’ve had the hottest summer ever, but for the past few days it has looked like it is wanting to rain. The sky is pining to leak, but it has just been spitting for 20 minutes then going away and it is still really warm. Then today as I was watching Mythbusters it just started pouring down. And I mean pouring. Yes that’s right… italics! I’ve never seen rain that heavy since the massive thunderstorm last year. Then as quickly as it started, it stopped. And I don’t mean it gradually faded… I was looking outside, shocked at how heavy it was and then in literally a second there was nothing. And that was my day’s excitement. Tomorrow should be a bit better. I believe Kris and James are coming over and I’ll ask Dan and other people if they so wish. Oh, and Justin Timberlake’s new song SexyBack owns you.

That is all for now!




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9 12 2008

I particularly (spelling)like your first entry, we never have nights like that any more 😦 which makes me sad. They were the good old days, god were not getting old are we glen? im saying that sentance more and more often every week ‘the good old days’ how grim of a sentance is that? i may start a blog on here but like you ill prob’s keep forgetting to update it, my diary that i started writing in every day in september last a whole month! anyway i only came on here to comment on your blog and say i liked the picture of the hedgehog, oh and thanks for reminding me about eating that fraggle! :oD

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