Plastic Ono Band

1 08 2006

So, I have just discovered that a tribute to John Lennon is to be filmed in Newcastle to be displayed at art galleries around the world starting with the Baltic on the 10th October. Obviously I will be going as I go to the Baltic to see the new exibits anyway but im curious as they are actually advertising for fans to go down and be a part of it. They need to know the lyrics to his best known solo album ‘Plastic Ono Band’ which I do. But they also need a vast knowledge on John and they may be tested which has me a bit worried. Ive read most of the Beatles biography and ive got the ‘Imagine’ biography DVD but I have no idea how detailed they’re expecting this knowledge to be. Should I know how old he was when he joined the Beatles, or at what time he ate a slice of toast on the 3rd of august 1974? This BBC News Story claims that all applications must be sent in by the 20th of July but they are still advertising in Newspapers with a new deadline of the 11th of August. I’d like to apply, but im not going by myself and I don’t think any of my friends will know the lyrics to the album. Go learn them somebody and apply with me!

Edit Sept 3rd, 2007: Shit, I’ve just read this. I COMPLETELY forgot about the Lennon exhibition at the Baltic almost a frickin’ year later! Boo hoo 😦




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