The First Post

31 07 2006

Hello all. I have eventually decided to make a blog. Im sure ive started one or two a long while ago but ive never had the patience to come back often and update them. Now I feel I can. Don’t ask why. Maybe because my life seems pretty uneventful at present, and so writing about events and current interests may give me something to focus on. And I can look at it and think ‘Ooh, I actually have done something this month’ before realising that in all honesty, for a whole month of my life I have in fact achieved very little.

I am also pretty much writing this for myself at the moment, meaning that I am not going to tell people this even exists for the time being… not because im going to write some candid secrets about my friends… just because I have no idea how often, if at all, I will come back to this. If I find that posting in this blog becomes a regular occurence, then I’ll probably spread the word.

So, that pretty much serves as a brief introduction to my blog. Tomorrow I will do a ‘catch up’ post in which I shall explain briefly what has happened over the past few weeks, so that if I bring something related up in a future post you will know what I am referring too. Then I’ll do my first proper diary-esque entry about the weekends events. I say diary-esque entry because hopefully, if I can be bothered, I will also write about any current bands or movies I want to pimp or I may also talk about something completely unrelated to my life like war or catamaran racing.

So, I’ll leave this first entry now as it is 4:44am (All the 4’s… it must be a sign. To what? I have no idea. Maybe I’ll go to the toilet 4 times tomorrow, or maybe that just happened to be the time when I decided to end the blog. Either way, it is 4:46 now so I have failed. I don’t know what ive failed at. Failed to fulfil the sign? What constitutes such a thing? Clicking ‘Publish Post’ at 4:44 or simple deciding to end the post at 4:44? If it is the latter, I am safe in the knowledge that I have succeeded). I almost purposefully dragged that out into completely unnecessary territory just to get you adjusted to the sort of thing that will happen quite a bit… though I will try to keep my random rambling to a minimum.

Good Knight.




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